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Meet Lee Kasumba

Radio and TV presenter and writer, Lee Kasumba, is the quintessential pan-African. She’s Ugandan by origin, raised in South Africa and somehow manages to feel at home anywhere on the continent. She views herself as an African first, before any nationality.
Lee started broadcasting at the age of 19, while doing a full-time BA in Dramatic Arts at Wits University. She was also the youngest and longest standing magazine editor for YMAG. Since then, she has presented African radio shows in Norway, co-hosted the BBC's “World Have Your Say” (broadcast to over 20 million people worldwide) and worked with radio stations in the Netherlands.
As head of Channel O Africa from 2011 – 2015 she gained experience in production and management teams. Those skills came to good use when Lee joined the Big Brother Africa executive team ensuring African authenticity of the show.
Her insights into the African continent are unequalled, as is evidenced by her soft spot for Ethiopian fashion and a fully developed palate for Tilapia - especially the way they make it in Ghana! Other favourites include Moi Moi – a bean-like dish from Nigeria; Pilau from Tanzania, and Matooke with Binyebwa sauce from Uganda (biased much perhaps).
When she’s not on Africa Connected, you can catch Lee presenting the Africa Business Report on The Money Show or presenting the popular weekly podcast Africa State of Mind podcast
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